LUNCH Served Noon-3pm Monday-Friday

BRUNCH Served 10am-2pm Saturday & Sunday



Nibble & Share

Pretzels - $4

House made golden pretzel sticks, served w/whole grain mustard

Add Cheese Bath - $2.50

Deviled Eggs - $6

W/shaved cornichone, white truffle, and chives


Brussels Sprouts - $6.50


Twice-fried and tossed w/pancetta, toasted pecans, brown sugar, smoked sea salt

Frites - $5

Twice-fried Belgian-style frites w/garlic aioli

Add Gruyere Gravy and make Cheesy Frites! $2.50

Croquettes (Fried potato dumplings stuffed w/ deliciousness)

Meat…Stewed beef, mustard seeds bloomed in beer, fried sage, carrot greens, served with garlic aioli $8

Shrimp & Cheese…Tiger shrimp, gruyere and gouda cheese, served wtith red bell pepper aioli $9

Scotch Egg – $7.50

House made beef sausage molded around a hard-boiled egg, breaded and deep-fried, served with mustard aioli and house picklings

Meat & Cheese Boards

Check the specials menu for our various boards of house cured meats,  patés and Venissimo cheeses



Belgé Onion Soup - $6

Caramelized onion braised in Flanders red ale and cognac, topped w/gruyere crostini

Market Greens - $6

Market greens tossed in house vin w/roasted tomatoes and slivered almonds

Belgian Caesar - $10

Grilled endive, caesar dressing, cherry tomato, shaved parmeson, bricohe crouton

Shaved Salad - $10

Shaved zuchinni, carrot, green apple and cucumber on a bed of arugula tossed in creamy mustard vin w/ basil, cherry tomato, pecans and toasted goat cheese

Carbonade Flamande - $10

Hearty Belgian Beef Stew of stewed chuck, russet potato, carrots, celery root, Flanders red ale- all smothering some toasty rye bread slathered in whole grain mustard



The signature dish of Belgium,: Mussels cooked in the shell served with twice-fried frites


White wine, cherry tomato, garlic and shallots in a dill cream broth

Lamb Sausage – $18

Spicy lamb sausage, whisky, rosemary, orange zest, bleu cheese, bacon crumbles




The Belgian Dip-$14

Grilled rabbit, house pickles, dill, shallots, lemon, caraway, horseraddish aioli, on a rustic French roll, served with frites

Burger - $12

Grass fed beef, house smoked bacon, sharp cheddar, blackened onion, roasted tomato and red lettuce on a brioche bun, served with frites

Vegetarian Burger - $10

A fritter of potato, mushroom, cannellini bean, carrot, white onion, spring onion, sage, celery seed and flaxseed, topped with blackened onion, romaine, house ketchup and gruyere cheese, served on brioche with a side of frites


Market Fish & Chips-$14

Catalina Offshore fresh catch, battered and fried served with frites, tartar sauce and malt vinegar

Steak Frites- $26

Grass fed NY strip steak in a Belgian dark jus, served with seasonal greens and frites

Penne & Cheese - $12

Fresh penne pasta, aged cheddar & gruyere béchamel, pancetta, roasted tomato, topped with breadcrumbs and herbs

Roasted Half Chicken - $18

Mary’s Farm bird roasted w/ honey maple dijon glaze w/brown butter sage sauce, butternut squash puree & braised seasonal vegetables

Market Fish - $Varies

Hand selected fresh catch by our Chefs and Catalina Offshore Porducts, please inquire for today’s fish special


All sausages butchered, cured and cased under our roof

Traditional – $10

A hearty Apline-raised pork brat, served on a heaping mound of stoemp Get it on a bun with frites $1

What the Frikandel!? – $14

Deep-fried angus beef canoe stuffed with pickles and bacon, served on a savory waffle smothered in cheddar and gruyere cheese gravy







Chocolate Waffle Terrine – $8

Layers of Liege waffle sugar cookies, Belgian chocolate mousse and Belgian chocolate ganache topped with toasted almonds, served with Cuvee Jacobins citrus syrup

Nutella Waffle – $8

Traditional Liege waffle topped with Nutella, citrus whipped cream, almonds and strawberry

 Apple Pie Waffle – $8

Traditional Liege waffle topped with mulled apples and vanilla bean ice cream

House Made Ice Cream – $5

Two scoops of house made yumminess topped w/waffle cookies


Served 10am-2pm Saturdays & Sundays

Donuts - $5

A trio of housemade traditional Belgian donuts. Glazed, Maple Bourbon Bacon, and Donut o’ the Week.

Biscuits & Gravy - $8

White cheddar biscuits slathered in spicy sausage beer gravy

French Toast – $8

Witbier bathed egg bread w/citrus whipped, syrup & fruit

Smoked Salmon Benedict - $12

House smoked salmon with spinach, witbier poached eggs, on brioche toast with black truffle hollandaise with breakfast potatoes or fruit

Benedict – $10

Two witbier poached eggs with house smoked bacon, baby spinach and tomato on brioche bread served with apple ale hollandaise  with breakfast potatoes or fruit

Mushroom & Goat Cheese Frittata- $10

Seasonal mushrooms, goat cheese, basil & roasted tomato in an open faced omelet with breakfast potatoes or fruit

Seasonal Vegetable Hash – $7

Winter vegetables on crispy potatoes, drizzled with spicy samurai sauce

        Add Poached Eggs $3
Pork Belly Hash - $10

Smoked Alpine pork belly, kriek hollandaise, crispy potatoes and poached eggs

Corned Beef Hash - $12

Ten-day-brined beef w/ bell pepper, onion, crispy potatoes, hollandaise and poached eggs

Fried Rabbit & Waffle – $13

Deep-fried rabbit forelegs over a savory waffle with samurai maple syrup

Sweet Waffle $7

Traditional Leige sugar waffle topped with seasonal fruit and citrus whip cream $7

Savory Bacon & Sausage Waffle $11

Savory Leige waffle with tarragon, thyme and black pepper topped with bacon, beef breakfast sausage and spicy samurai syrup $10