LUNCH Served Noon-4pm Monday-Saturday BRUNCH Served 10am-2pm Sunday



Cheese & meat Boards
Pick Two ~or Four / served with toasty bread, fruit & nuts 


~Abbot’s Gold (Caramelized onion cheddar/made by monks!) – $4

~St. Andre (Rich triple cream) – $4.50

~Cambozola Black Label (Earthy/nutty bleu) – $5.50

~Chimay (Hoppy & bacony/ made by monks!) – $5.50


~Meat Mean Tasty Treason Sausage – $5

~Meat Men Naughty Constable Sausage – $5

~Meat Men Flagrant Seed Sausage – $5

 ~House Pate – $5

Bierock – $9

Pretzel pastry stuffed beef, pork and saurkraut, w/mustard aioli and spicy ‘samurai’ sauce for dippin

Pretzels – $6.50

Twice-fried and tossed w/pancetta, toasted pecans, sugar, lemon

Frites – $6.50

Half-pound of twice-fried Belgian-style frites w/garlic aioli & curry ketchup

Add Gruyere Gravy and make Cheesy Frites! – $3

Bar Nuts – $6.50

House made beef sausage molded around a hard-boiled egg, breaded and deep-fried, served with mustard aioli and house picklings


3 per order / Pick One Style 

Ham & Cheese – $9

Curried Yam & Peas- $8

Pick a Dipping Sauce

Garlic Aioli / Mustard Aioli / Spicy ‘Samurai’ Sauce

Marinated Olives & Toast – $6.50

Blend of pitted Meditteranean olives marinated in herbs & orange zest

Smoked Tomato Bisque w/Fried Bread – $6

Check the chalkboards in house for daily specials



Belgian Cobb – $12

House greens, pancetta, hard-boiled egg, roasted tomato, avocado, gueuze vin

Spinach Salad – $8

Baby spinach, black grapes, ground walnuts, creamy chervil dressing

Beef Up Your Salad!

+Steak $8       + Salmon $8     + Shrimp $6



The signature dish of Belgium- and Brabant! Served by the Half Pound with toasty bread or by the Pound with Frites

…Half Pound $13, Pound $25

Saison beer, garlic, shallots, lemon, dill

Baja…Half Pound $13, Pound $25

Manzanita smoked tomato, cream, chorizo de rez, candied escabache. Spicy!

Inquire for Mussels Special of the day!



Burgers & Sandwiches

All burgers / sandwiches served on toasted Said Rose focaccia bun w/side of frites and fresh pickle 

Pick a Protein


Steak Tenderloin

Salmon Fillet

Veggie Burger

Pick a Style

Americane: red leaf lettuce, slice tomato, red onion, house ketchup, garlic aioli $13

Baja: avocado, smoked tomato jam, escabeche, chorizo +$3.50 

Blackened: blackening spice*, blackened onions, lettuce, cheese sauce + $3 *Kinda spicy!

Monk’s Burger: Abbot’s Gold cheddar, Ardennes-style ham, house pickle, mustard + $3.50


Fish & Chips-$18

Dinosaur portion of beer battered Alaskan cod, w/frites, spicy ‘samurai’ sauce, tartar sauce, lemon, malt vinegar

Penne & Cheese – $13

Fresh penne pasta, aged cheddar & gruyere béchamel, pancetta, roasted tomato, topped with breadcrumbs and herbs

+Steak $8       + Salmon $8     + Shrimp $6

Surf & Turf Poutine – $18

Chopped tenderloin, shrimp, asparagus, bell pepper, green onions, on top of frites smothered in gruyere cheese gravy

Brabantwurst – $9

Fresh pork brat served w/blackened onions, house kraut, and spicy dijon mustard

Get it on a bun with frites + $5            Get it on a heaping mound of stoemp $4

Nicoise – $20

Seared local tuna, asparagus, endive, roasted tomato, hardboiled egg, fennel, citrus, evoo

Spaghetti Bolognese – $15

Hearty pork & beef ragout, shaved parmesan

Spaghetti Carbonara – $15

Cream sauce, bacon, egg, peas, parmesan


The Sweet Spot

Waffle Deluxe – $7

Liege waffle square dipped in Belgian chocolate ganache, w/framboise hot custard& ground pecans

Bread Pudding – $7

Cherry & chocolate spiked, topped w/vanilla ice cream and raspberry sauce


Served 10am-2pm Saturdays & Sundays

Donuts – $5

A mug of house-made traditional Belgian donuts served w/sweet cream dipping sauce

‘The Bouncer’ Breakfast Sammich- $10

Bacon, sausage, gruyere, eggs, pickled carrot, and cherry tomato stuffed in a toaseted roll and smothered in hollandaise… Hangover=Cured

Egg & Tomato Breakfast Sammich – $8

Seasonal tomato, spinach, two over easy eggs, black pepper, garlic aioli, gruyere cheese, on a toasted roll

Belgian Waffles

Waffle Benedict- $13

Savory herb waffle w/smoked ham or gilled peppers, poached eggs, spinach, slathered in hollandaise

Sweet Waffle- $8

Sweet waffle w/seasonal fruit, whipped cream, powdered sugar

Sausage Waffle- $8

Savory herb waffle w/house sausage, poached eggs and gruyere cheese sauce

Bacon Waffle- $8

Sweet waffle stuffed w/bacon, topped w/scrambled eggs and maple syrup

Seasonal Vegetable Hash – $10

Seasonal vegetables on crispy potatoes, w/two eggs, gruyere cheese, chicory & celeriac salad, drizzled with spicy samurai sauce

Pork Belly Hash – $10

Smoked Alpine pork belly confit, gruyere cheese, crispy potatoes and scallions

Smoked Salmon Hash – $12

Manazanita wood smoked salmon, crispy potatoes, two eggs, endive, walnuts, dill, chicory & celeriac salad